Yellowstone Leather Products, Inc.
Established in 1960
Idaho Falls, ID    Salt Lake City, UT
The Yellowstone Glove Company has long been recognized as
the wholesale glove industry leader in quality and comfort in the Rocky Mountain West.  
Since 1960 Yellowstone has been manufacturing and distributing the very best in leather work gloves.
" I just wanted to say that you've got, in my opinion, the best gloves on the market.  
The woman who owns the ranch where my wife boards her horse goes to Montana to buy
them and gives my wife and me a pair each year for Christmas.

We use and abuse these gloves and they have always withstood the punishment.  
Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great product."    

Steve B. from Westminster, MA
Quality and experience combine to make Yellowstone the preferred wholesale glove supplier
to retailers and industrial consumers all over the western United States.

We feature our own line of exceptional quality seamless palm leather gloves known simply as the Yellowstone form-fitting glove.  
These gloves represent the finest in U.S. made leather gloves and have long been the choice of farmers, ranchers,
horsemen, and in all areas of construction and industrial work.

We sell to farm and ranch supply, lumber and hardware supply, western tack stores,
home- improvement, contractor supply, as well as city, state, and federal government agencies.  

Yellowstone has built a reputation for quality and service that is unmatched,
becoming the proven wholesale glove manufacturer and distributor in the West.
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America's Best Fitting, Most Durable Work Gloves
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