707  DuBarry All-Purpose Latex, Non-skid grip,
Sueded Lining.  Good for soaps and mild chemicals.  
Pliable yet Tough.  Not resistant to oils, gasoline,
solvents, or acids

Sizes S,M,L,XL
4-412  Fully Coated, 12" gauntlet, jersey lined  

4-414  Fully Coated, 14" gauntlet, jersey lined

Made by Ansell Edmont.  Snorkel PVC-Nitrile blend.  
Outstanding Chemical resistance, wear and flexibility.


Petrochemicals and refining
Handling acids, caustics, solvents, grease, and oil

Sizes 9 (Men's M) and 10 (Men's L)  
9-908  Fully Coated, Knit Wrist

9-912  Fully Coated, 12" gauntlet

9-924  Fully Coated, 14" gauntlet

Made by Ansell Edmont.  Neox Neoprene provides excellent
chemical and abrasion resistance.


Petrochemicals and refining
Degreasing, plating, metal fabrication
Handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols
HazMat work

Size 10 (Men's Large) only

13-152  Fully Coated, 12" gauntlet
Sizes 9 (Men's M) and 10 (Men's L)

Made by Ansell Edmont.  Ever-Flex Monkey Grip.  
Vinyl coated to provide good dexterity in any temperature.  
Good chemical resistance.


Handling oils, acids, caustics and alcohols.
27-600  Palm Coated, Knit Wrist
Sizes 9 (Men's M) and 10 (Men's L)

27-602  Fully Coated, Knit Wrist
Size 10 (Men's L)

27-607  Palm Coated, Safety Cuff
Sizes 9 (Men's M) and 10 (Men's L)

27-805  Fully Coated, 2.5" Safety Cuff
Size 10 (Men's L)

Made by Ansell Edmont.  Hycron is a nitrile-coated abrasion
resistant.  These are extra-tough, heavy-duty gloves that
provide protection against snags, punctures, abrasions, cuts,
grease and oil.  The soft jersey lining eliminates seams from the
working areas for greater comfort.


Heavy-duty handling of castings, cores, rebar and fabricated

Handling of concrete block, brick, tile and lumber.
37-155  Unsupported Nitrile, 15 mil, 13"
Sizes 7-11

37-165  Unsupported Nitrile, 22 mil, 15"      
Sizes 7-11

Made by Ansell Edmont.  Sol-Vex gloves are made of a
high-performance nitrile compound which provides an
outstanding combination of strength and chemical
resistance.  When exposed to solvents, caustics, and animal
fats, Sol-Vex have proven to be a superior choice over rubber
or neoprene.  Sol-Vex gloves won't swell, weaken, or
degrade, and they offer better protection against snags,
punctures, abrasions, and cuts.  Sol-vex gloves do not
promote contact dermatitis, and their component materials
comply with FDA regulations for food contact.


Farm and industrial chemical spraying
Chemical processing
Oil refining
Food processing
Metal Fabrication
Painting and paint stripping
92-500  Touch N Tuff  Nitrile Disposable gloves
Teal color, lightly powdered, 4 mil, 9.5 inch

Touch N Tuff disposable gloves set a whole new standard in
comfort, durability, dexterity, and cleanliness.  Made of 100%
nitrile, the gloves contain no fillers, silicones, or plasticizers.  
Although they are only 4 mils thick, Touch N Tuff gloves
provide three times the puncture resistance of competitive
latex or vinyl gloves.  Simply the toughest disposable

Sizes   6.5-7 (S), 7.5-8 (M), 8.5-9 (L), 9.5-10 (XL)
America's Best Fitting, Most Durable Work Gloves