"I've been using Yellowstone Gloves for over 30 years.  The Yellowstone elkskin gloves I wear
outlast anything else I've tried.  I will wear one pair for every few pairs that other guys use up here
in the ConocoPhillips Alpine Alaska oil field.  Thanks for making the best gloves around."

       - William P. from Braxton, Mississippi (4/6/10)

"For the last 7 years, I have carried a pair of your elk skin gloves with me everyday in Iraq,
Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Thanks for protecting my hands."

"I would be honored to endorse your great gloves. I am a former Navy SEAL, currently working as
a civilian for the US Army, training the Afghan Border Police. There are many activities each day in
which I am handling hot weapons or other equipment with sharp edges or rough surfaces. I always
carry your gloves with me and have told all my teammates about my Yellowstone elk skin gloves
from Idaho Falls."

      - Tom S. from Kandahar, Afghanistan (3/11/10)

To our many loyal customers.....
thank you for wearing and recommending Yellowstone Gloves.

"For over 5 years I've been using your gloves for all kinds of work.  For the last 11 months I've
been working as a lineman in Wyoming and there is nothing better for line work....they are
comfortable and last a long time. "

- Greg O. from Ellensburg, Washington (4/15/10)

"Hello Yellowstone Glove!  We've had a couple of weeks of cold for Houston weather and I've had
several of my Hewlett Packard engineers eyeing my Yellowstone deer skin gloves. Hope they buy a
bunch! I've been wearing your gloves for ranch work in Idaho to hurricane clean up on the gulf
coast.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  Thank you for making a great glove that is consistently

 - Craig O. from Spring, TX (2/10/11)